After testing, SnagPod specimens are graded from 1 to 5 to the nearest half a grade for appearance, in a viewing cabinet using the descriptions in BS 8479.

SnagPod reference photographs (set of 9) may also be used for comparison to aid grading in the viewer.

ProView – exclusive to James Heal - is pre-loaded with SnagPod reference photographs for easy assessment.

In addition, the type/s of surface defects should be classified according to the 8 descriptions in BS 8479 (A to G and X).

James Heal can supply the following for assessment of SnagPod specimens:

Stock Code Assessment Item
901-475 ProView Universal Assessment Viewer
708-925 VeriVide Pilling Assessment Viewer 220/230V 50/60Hz
708-930     VeriVide Pilling Assessment Viewer 110V 50/60Hz
766-455 1 x Set (9) SnagPod Reference Photographs

For further information, please speak to the relevant agent for your country, which can be found here.

For diagrams and images, please download the PDF document.