The DynaWash principle was originally developed by Marks & Spencer who used a domestic washing machine known as the Hoovermatic Twin Tub. This device uses a washing bath with an impeller, and a separate spin dryer (hydroextractor). These devices were popular in the 1960s and 70s until they were replaced by automatic washing machines.

When this machine became unavailable commercially, James Heal reverse engineered the washing bath and created DynaWash, which was subsequently approved by Marks & Spencer.*

Marks & Spencer have a general statement that 5 washing tests in a domestic normal horizontal drum washing machine are simulated by 15 minutes washing in a DynaWash.

The washing in DynaWash is typically carried out at carelabel+10°C, up to a maximum of 60°C.

*DynaWash Duo – our newest addition to the range - has also been approved by Marks & Spencer.