Colour assessment cabinets available from James Heal are used for assessing change in colour and staining, with the use of grey scales and assessment masks.

Garments, fabrics and yarns can be viewed under a selection of lighting options, such as daylight and store lights.

UV is also available for when it is necessary to look for optical brightening agents.

Pilling and snagging should be assessed under oblique lighting conditions as described in the relevant standards. James Heal can supply the following compliant viewers:

  • Pilling Assessment Viewer – requires relevant photographic standards for comparison

  • ProView – loaded with 8 sets of photographic standards


        BS 5811

        IWS Knitted SM54

        IWS Woven SM50

        Mace Snag


        M&S Pilling

        EMPA Knitted

        EMPA Woven

Other options are available for M&S methods.  

  • Pilliscope

        P17 Pilling Method 1 (April 2006) 

        P18C Enhanced Pilling (March 2005) 

        P21A Random Tumble Snagging (January 2010)  

  • Holoscope 

        P18A Random Pilling Drum (February 2008) 

        P140 Assessment of surface disturbance on fabrics containing micro fibres

For diagrams and images, please download the PDF document.