When using TruBurst, which standards apply and which domes should be used?

Please download the PDF document for a full table detailing which standards, domes, and diaphragms should be used on TruBurst.

Additional Notes - 

There is no significant difference in the bursting strength results achieved using pneumatic or hydraulic burst testers,for pressures up to 800 kPa. This pressure range covers the majority of performance levels expected for general apparel (see ISO 13938-2).

Other test areas may be used as indicated in the pdf document. Other test areas can be used if the preferred test area is not applicable or due to high or low expansion of the specimen, or by mutual agreement. Use of a greater test area may result in being able to burst a specimen which might otherwise exceed the range of the apparatus. Results obtained with one test area are not directly comparable with results from a different test area. Smaller test areas are preferred for fabrics containing elastane yarns.

Diaphragms: 777-133 are 1mm thick, reinforced and blue in colour; 777-134 are 1mm thick, plain and green in colour. A 1.5mm thick reinforced diaphragm is also available (777-135). For low pressure applications a 0.2mm plain diaphragm is available (777-150).

See the attached document for help.