GyroWash is used to investigate the colour fastness to washing, dry cleaning and chlorinated water of textiles and leather. Small items can also be tested for dimensional stability.

The test specimens, adjacent fabric and any agitators (if required) are placed inside appropriately sized GyroWash pots. These are then placed in a rotating arbour inside a heated bath, for a specified length of time.

GyroWash 1615 is compliant with the following standards concerning dry cleaning:

  • AATCC TM 86, 132
  • FTMS 191A – 5506, 5509, 5620, 5621
  • GB/T 5711
  • ISO 105 -  D01
  • ISO 11643
  • JIS L 0860
  • M&S C5
  • NEXT TM 3, 3A
  • WOOLMARK TM 177, 294

A PDF version of this FAQ is available for reference.