ISO 105-C06 – Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering comprises of several different test procedures as shown in table 4 of the standard.

All procedures except D2S and E2S state to adjust the temperature of the wash liquor to be within 2°C of the specified temperature, before the containers are put into GyroWash.

The specified temperature of each procedure is listed in the table provided in the standard.

Procedures D2S and E2S state to heat the wash liquor to approximately 60°C before adding the correct volume to the container.

The container should then be placed in Gyrowash, which should already be set at the specified temperature.

D2S is to be carried out at 70°C

E2S is to be carried out at 95°C

As the wash liquor is already at 60 ±2°C, it will warm up to the specified temperature quickly within the 10 minutes that the standard specifies.

Internal testing has been performed at James Heal as part of the development of GyroWash, to ensure that the instrument is compatible with all test procedures within ISO-105 C06.

A PDF version of this FAQ is available for reference.